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“Generate more sales WITHOUT spending an extra penny”
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Calling Business Owners….
 …Imagine being able to massively increase your sales in just 5 short days and WITHOUT spending a penny more than you do already on your marketing and advertising!

 …And WITHOUT you having to leave your home, office or workplace…

 Hi, my name is Grace Anderson and together with my colleague Steve Hackney we’re proud to offer you the ‘SELL MORE STUFF IN 5 DAYS’ CHALLENGE… and when you accept the Challenge, you can achieve all this AND MORE.
In fact, if any of the following apply to you… then the SELL MORE STUFF CHALLENGE is right for You!

Tick All that Apply To You…

 You’re frustrated with the current results of your marketing and advertising

 You’d like to sell more products or services but you don’t want to spend more money
 You’ve tried numerous ways to market and sell your products and services but still your results don’t match your efforts or ambitions 
 Your marketing is working well, but you don’t know how to optimize your results
 You’d like to finally discover the science that ‘makes marketing work’ so you can increase your sales and profit with EVERY marketing tactic and strategy you’re using right now and will use in future.
 If you knew it was going to bring a significant return on your investment (the way to scale your business), you’d happily and want to spend more money on your marketing.
You want results quickly and you don’t want to have to dedicate dozens of hours of your own time to get them

You’d love a proven system that could accurately “score” the effectiveness of your marketing even before you launched each campaign.

If You Ticked One Or More Boxes…

Yes, that’s right. For a limited time, you can take the “SELL MORE STUFF CHALLENGE” completely FREE. There is, however, one small catch…

You promise to put a couple of hours aside during each day of the Challenge to complete the assignments – That’s all.

Now, I’m sure you’ll agree that’s not much to commit to, especially if you’re a business owner and entrepreneur looking to achieve transformational results. But of course, if you do nothing different, you’ll simply keep getting the same results.

I promise you that if you apply what you’ll discover during the Challenge, you WILL achieve transformational results …in most cases, even DURING the 5-Day Challenge!

That’s because the SELL MORE STUFF CHALLENGE shows you how to expertly apply the tactics that actually make Marketing work. We call them the “Core Elements” and there are 9 of them…

Applying The ‘9 Core Elements’ During The Challenge Will Transform Your Results… 

Starting NOW!

9 Core Elements
The 9 Core Elements form the foundations of ALL successful marketing. During the Challenge you'll be expertly applying each one to transform your current (and future) marketing and doing so for zero extra cost!
Contrary to popular belief, successful marketing and advertising isn’t about being ‘creative’. Instead, we’ve proven that effective marketing and advertising is based on an innovative and time-tested scientific approach. 
After analysing the results of tens of thousands of marketing and advertising campaigns, we discovered that there are 9 KEY tactics that when applied together will virtually guarantee the success of any marketing and advertising campaign. 
We’ve named these transformational tactics the ‘Core Elements’.
When you apply the Core Elements correctly, they will transform the results of your marketing and advertising, resulting in MORE SALES.
Better still, each of the 9 Core Elements does NOT cost a single penny for you to apply. Nor are the Core Elements difficult to implement.
As you progress through the SELL MORE STUFF CHALLENGE, you’ll be systematically creating and then applying each Core Element to your existing marketing and advertising tactics and campaigns and consequently you’ll see an instant impact on your results. 
This process is derived from the hugely successful ‘marginal gains’ philosophy used in elite sport – where the performance of an athlete is broken down into a number of individual characteristics that, when isolated, can each be improved and, then, when combined in a total approach, result in a much-improved and superior performance from the athlete… and your Marketing will do the same!
In other words, it’s not rocket science, but it IS a science!
At last, all of your frustrations… all the ‘hits and misses’… in other words, the mystique of marketing – will disappear and you’ll discover what makes marketing work. Once and for all, you’ll know EXACTLY what you need to apply to transform your results! 
So, are you willing to accept the SELL MORE STUFF CHALLENGE? When you do, here’s what’s included…

Here's How The SELL MORE STUFF CHALLENGE Works To Ensure You Get Results...

Enroll by clicking on the button below and you can get started within 24 hours. Then, each day you’ll get a video from Steve explaining that day’s assignment on how to create and implement one or more of the Core Elements into ALL your existing marketing (landing pages, web pages, online advertising, offline advertising, emails, direct mail, social media, and so on)…

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My Role As Your Business Growth Mentor..

Once you have completed the 5-Day Sell More Stuff Challenge, we will offer you the opportunity to enroll in our Business Growth Mentoring Service. 

Why You need a Mentor.

 Tony Robbins once said: “If you want to achieve success in an area, find one who already succeeded and emulate him or her!” You don’t need to re-invent the wheel. Use my Mentoring Service and our Proven Success Formula to ensure your success in the shortest time possible.

This would be a one-to-one business growth mentoring service with myself. We will meet on Skype or Zoom once a month or more, depending on your needs..

 ==>> We will look at your results from the 5-Day Sell More Stuff Challenge.

==>>Then create a Plan of Action that will enable you amend any areas where your marketing system has been found to be lacking, such your marketing materials, Your Sales Funnel, Your Customer Service Provision etc.

==>> I will Show You How best to  Maximize and Monetize Your Clientele more effectively.

==>> We will then Create a Sales System that will Dramatically Increase your sales on a regular basis.

==>> You will also receive tried-and-tested ready-made marketing materials that you can apply directly in your marketing. 

==>> You will begin to see a dramatic change in your sales results, if you implement all you have learnt from the training and our excellent resources etc.

You REALLY SHOULD NOT MISS OUT on this ground-breaking FREE 5-Day Video Training, which will help you grow your business and increase your sales  exponentially… and within a very short period of time.


Hurry..Only a Few Spots Left!