Relationship Coaching


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Our Relationship Coaching enables the individual or the couple to take 

a good and sincere look at what is happening in their current relationship

and decide what is going well and what is not going quite so well. 

Dr Grace will facilitate the examination of the following areas, using 

the G.R.O.W. Coaching Model, as well as her skills as an NLP & CBT Coach.

– The couples’ current state of affairs  and how they got there
– Goals for improvement of the relationship – what do the couple wish to achieve with our coaching
-What the Main Issues are and how they would want to resolve them
– Compromises that are possible, as well as what each person is willing to “give and take”
– And Way forward for them – as they both agree.

Among the many issues that will be looked at will be:

– Communication – how well the couple communicate with each other,
 including a detailed look at Dr Chapman’s “5 Love Languages”.

– Space for Personal Growth – how much space the couple give to each other 

for their own personal development.

– Sex & Sexuality Issues – how happy the couple is with their love life
– Other Family Members /Children – what impact these have on the couples’ lives
– Money issues: who controls the family’s finance and how that is done
– Couple’s time alone – to rejuvenate their love and grow more in love with each other..
– Domestic Violence Issues – referrals to the appropriate authorities/organisations, etc.
And so much more.

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