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My novels have sold millions of copies around the world and are still selling.. They make excellent reads for any one interested in exploring the injustices against women and minorities in certain cultures of this world.. as well as women's ingenuity and rock-hard determination to succeed despite all odds.

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I am an award-winning novelist and a veterant writer: Novels, Short Stories, Poems and Plays...

Dizzy Angel (1985),

This novel won several awards, and is still a favourite read for many people around the world..Studied by Secondary School Students in Nigeria and very popular in Europe especially Switzerland. Won "Best Novel Award for its Traditional Values"..

The Broken Bond (2001),

A very popular novel for University Students doing Masters' degree courses in English in Nigeria, and the USA..

Ada in London-Surviving the Traumas (2005).

Extremely popular with women who have been so ill-treated by their partners and have survived the traums..Also touches heavily on the racism and discrimination suffered by non- native s in a Foreign Country, like Britain..  

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Before Christianity and other religions took firm roots in Nigeria, young girls suffered circumcision, and were often withdrawn from school after Primary education.  The parents felt it was a waste of money and time to educate girls - after all, they were designed to become the property of their husbands, so why waste money  paying school fees for them? Girls were, therefore, often married off to much older men as early as ages 15 or 16. 

​​Dizzy Angel tackles this discrimination against the female population, as well as other superstitions that were rife in the Nigerian society at the time. There are also attempts to deal with the issue of witchcraft, which, I fear, is still quite prevalent in the Nigerian society. Mingling traditional values and Christianity - which was new at that time - was a challenge for Ogbanje, the heroine of Dizzy Angel.   Ogbanje, herself, is said to be a spirit-child, one who has reincarnated so many times before and has come again now to continue the torment of her parents. Reincarnation - this is another huge issue in Nigerian traditional beliefs.

Before Christianity and other religions took firm roots in Nigeria, young girls suffered circumcision, and were often withdrawn from school after Primary education.  The parents felt it was a waste of money and time to educate girls - after all, they were designed to become the property of their husbands, so why waste money  paying school fees for them? Girls were, therefore, often married off to much older men as early as ages 15 or 16. 


The other themes tackled in The Broken Bond include  the theme of morality and the rottenness and decadence in our society. The issue of survival of the "smartest", rather than that of the "fittest". The "smartest" being the cleverest "rogue", if one might use that word. 

You do what you have to do to get to the top of the societal ladder and to stay at the top, irrespective of who is hurt in the process. So, fetish sacrifices, even human sacrifice in a few cases, are performed so that you could become wealthy. So, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Belinda, the heroine, takes on the responsibility of catering for herself and her younger brother, Moses, after losing their hardworking mother to a fatal accident. Her Dad, Bello, is too frequently drunk to be useful and the burden falls on the young woman ..This isn't a strange phenomenon at all in the Nigerain society, as most women are often laden with the burden of catering for their children, while their so-called husbands are out frolicking... Serious irresponsiblity that is yet to be addressed by the Society as a whole..

 There is a huge pain in the author's heart, because it appears that not much can be done to change things in Nigeria, especially because, virtually every new ruler who comes in, promising great things, often ends up more corrupt than his predecessors. ​

Up to now , corruption and evil activities are still rife in the Nigerian Society . You may say, "that is the way of the world", as these evil things also happen in other countries.. All the same, it is time people started thinking differently - to leave a better world for our children and their children to come...


Ada in London is set mainly in London. The novel, though biographical, tackles in general, the issues of an immigrant's acclimatization and overcoming the culture shocks that abound in London.

As an immigrant black woman, who arrives in London to teach, Ada is totally unprepared for the dramas that go on in some London schools. Ada thought she had been thrown into a "Mad House" rather than a School, to teach English. For someone who had been a beloved head teacher for many years in Nigeria, having to start afresh as a probationer was a very hard knock for Ada. 

Ada had to learn to adjust her teaching styles so she could regain the respect she always enjoyed as a teacher in Nigeria. That took some hard work. Ada suffers discrimination, humiliation, betrayal, acute loneliness, bereavement and much more.

 ​The themes in Ada in London also hinge on survival - this time, on the ability of an individual to overcome all kinds of difficulties and obstacles in a strange land, without lowering one's moral standards or one's self-esteem.  God comes in as a firm ground upon which Ada stands and finds solace. Her faith in God pulls her through.



- A Selection of Poems by Nigerian Poets

New Nigerian Verse - with an Introduction by Lawrence Akeh-Osu available from UPL, Ibadan and

From the blurb

This Anthology of new Nigerian Verse is the first collection of poetry in the well-known Three Crowns Literary series and is also the first known anthology of unpublished new Nigerian Verse. The poems included here constitute a mirror of the present day Nigerian society, reflecting the poets' emotional reactions to the age-long mysteries and paradoxes of life, in the particular context of Nigeria, but the messages have a universal appeal and link the experiences of classical and medieval times with man's existentialist problems of today.

The style is as varied as the contributors, ranging from conversations to sonnets and odes. Here is something to gladden the heart of every lover of  poetry.

SBN 978 154661 1 (Nigeria)
0 19 575791 2
Published by UPL - University Press Limited Ibadan, Nigeria., 1985.

Gracy's Contributions are:
- Yesterday:    p.44 - a love poem
- Poor Toothless:  p.45 - a poem about youth and ageing
- Labour  Pains: p.46 - about the pain and ecstasy of child birth
- Old Bleak Road: p.47 - p.48 - written in the style of John Donne - wailings from life and the living.
- My  God: p.49 - a recognition of the constancy of God in our lives
- The Mad Woman and her son: p. 50-51 - the enduring love of a mother, even in her madness 
-Those Early Days: p. 52 - a tribute to her parents for a happy childhood

Don't Just Take My Word For It.  Here are just a few reviews.

About Dizzy Angel.

"In this progressive novel, the author exhibits the much needed courage and positive artistic vision which make possible the gashioning of a brand new African personaily, and a new Africa"

                                                         -West Africa, 1985.


                                                About the Broken Bond.

"Gracy Osifo ..tactfully makes use of the reservoir of African and Western culture that has left the African almost confused and in serach of a clear - cut cultural identity. In simple languge, she tells a story that is so fascinating".

- National Concord, 1985.

      About Ada in London.

"Ada in London is a universal story, it is a true story told honestly and sensitively.

It is the story of disappointments, suffering, pain, and traumas that eventually lead to

life choices that become inevitable. You "fall in love" with Ada as you follow her through

her pain, successes and failures. Because Ada is only human and not an angel,

you empathise with her, and invariably share in her everyday pain and laughter.

Every character in Ada in London comes alive very solidly and you don't forget any of them easily.

Ada in London is full of suspense. It is fast-moving, simple, and very easy to read.

Any one from the age of 16 onwards would enjoy the story thoroughly as the issues

tackled in this book are about mature life situations. This is a very well-written book

by an award-winning novelist. I promise you, once you pick it up, you won't

want to put it down until you finish reading it!

I heartily recommend Ada in London-Surviving the Traumas, to you. Happy reading!"

Jonathan Edwards

BA (Hons) English, MBA.
London, UK.

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