Mindset Coaching

What is "Mindset?"

Mindset is simply the way you think and how those thoughts affect your actions and your life in general. Mindset Coaching will enable you to develop a Growth or Positive Mindset that will eliminate your negative thinking patterns. You will then develop more healthy and positive thinking patterns.

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Negative Mindset

Negative mindset is a way of thinking that does the following:

- Constantly creates doubts in your mind.

- Makes it easy for you to believe that "Nothing good can come out of this".

- Lets you believe that you are not "good enough" or "will never be good enough", however hard you try".

- Serious Procrastination: never accomplishing your goals, failing to get strated on time, giving excuses after excuses, why you can't
get started on a project, etc.

- Constant fear of failure and sometimes, even fear of success.

- Creates some sort of paranoia in you, a serious feeling of insecurity - making you dwell in thinking negative thoughts like the following:
"People don't like me"
"They hate me"
"No one thinks I am good enough for anything"
"It's easier to give up"
"Why even try.. I'll never succeed" etc. etc.

This way of thinking is often created in one's childhood, where the person had undergone a lot of criticisms or even abuse, from either their parents or those who brought them up. It can also be created by a very negative partner in a relationship, who does his or her best to put the other person down.

Growth or Positive Mindset.

Dr Grace will coach you to develop a Growth Mindset, which will make it easier for you to think positively, knowing that you do have the ability to create the life you will truly love, by being seriously positive in your thinking, your self-acceptance, your self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth.

She will apply both NPL (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) techniques to help you develop the best Growth Mindset for you, so you can scale your success to great heights, either in your business or in your career.


6 Sessions of 90 minutes each on Zoom or Skype – either fortnightly or monthly.

Pre-Session Assignments.

Many Useful Resources to help you.
One Bonus Course – “The Growth Mindset Course” –  to help you hit the ground running.

One Email support in-between sessions.

Package Cost: £1200 plus VAT.

After the first 6 sessions you may renew your Coaching Sessions if you wish to do so.