Executive & Leadership Coaching for Leaders

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VIP Mastermind Intensive Group Career Coaching – Two Days enblock.

Limited To 10 People Only Per Slot.

This is designed for leaders or executives who want to scale their careers to new heights. 
This is our signature programme but delivered in one jam-packed coaching intervention designed around you and your career goals. It is based on our Elevate coaching model and is perfect if you want to get real results quickly – ideal if you are short on time. 

Here’s What You’ll Get.
1 hour upfront coaching Zoom call to dig into your objectives for the day and your measures of success. During this call we will agree priorities for the day and create a plan to maximise our time together to deliver you the results you need.
Pre-Session Assignment:  This will include a series of coaching tools and models to work through in advance of the day to ensure that we can focus on your priorities and goals.

From 10am to 4pm each day, either via Zoom, with sufficient breaks to aide concentration, or face to face in Blackpool or any other chosen venue, (when COVID19 Lockdown is over).

Energetic and focused day – an investment in you and your career – lots of talking, interactive exercises and opportunities for you to reflect and plan.

We will be following our G.R.O.W. coaching model (described above) but using the time wisely to really hone in on what you need from the day, using practical tips and tools for dealing with confidence issues, personal impact, increased presence and how to create a compelling future.

One month later, we will have a 1 hour coaching call to ensure that you staying on track, accountable and support you to assess progress and/or scale to new goals.
Email Communications going forward, to make sure that you are staying on track.

Prices for the Group Growth VIP Day start at: £1,500.00 including VAT per person. (Covers the two days).

One to One Executive / Leadership Coaching

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One to One Executive / Leadership Coaching.


This is designed for leaders, executives or any one who want to scale their careers to new heights within a short period of time. This will be exclusively tailored to your own specific needs.

One-off 1-2-1 session is designed to address a specific challenge, whether that’s to prepare for that interview, big presentation or address a specific issue, or challenge that’s holding you back. These sessions often lead to big breakthroughs and shifts that allow you to make decisions quicker, faster and with more confidence. What you’ll get:

One full Day: 10am-4pm with breaks to enhance concentration. Virtual on Zoom or in-person after the COVID19 Lockdown.

Pre-Session questionnaire to highlight what you want to achieve and what a successful outcome would look like for you.

Focused coaching session to help you create a clear plan of action and goals. We might use NLP / CBT coaching techniques, or IEMT techniques, depending on the topic and your needs.

One-off 1-2-1 Coaching Sessions start at £1,000 including VAT.