Importance of Mentoring


Qualify Your Prospects

  • Dr Grace 

                   Another Marketing MISTAKE           – Not Qualifying Leads Better Up-Front. Last time, I talked about the mistake of targeting the wrong market. Toady, I want to look at the issue of wasting your time on the wrong prospects by not qualifying leads better up-front. Our time is precious – very precious. The more time you spend talking or… Read More »Qualify Your Prospects


Why Small Businesses Fail

  • Dr Grace 

WHY SMALL BUSINESSES FAIL AND HOW TO AVOID FAILURE ONE-PERSON BUSINESS. One of the reasons small businesses fail is the fact that you are working alone. You are the CEO, the Mail Man, the Website Designer,  the Receptionist, The Salesman, the Time Manager, the Financier and so on. It is impossible for one person alone to be sufficiently skilled in all areas of making a business successful, as outlined above. … Read More »Why Small Businesses Fail