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Scale Your Business To New Heights

  • Dr Grace 

Scale Your Business To New Heights By Applying a Guarantee. Scale Your Business To New Heights By Applying a Guarantee… Not using a guarantee with your sales can cost you a lot of money in lost sales..This is one common marketing mistake that is costing Entrepreneurs literally millions in lost revenue and profit each and every day! One Marketing MISTAKE To Avoid  – Not Using A Guarantee. If you put… Read More »Scale Your Business To New Heights



  • Dr Grace 

Plan For Success In the New Year. Have You started planning for 2021 yet? Or Are You Waiting Until the 1st of January to Begin Your Planning? As a Business owner, it’s difficult to switch off altogether, just because the Christmas Holidays witll soon be upon us. This year, 2020, has been a very difficult and unprofitable year for most people, obviously because of the Corona Virus, but also, because… Read More »PLAN FOR SUCCESS


The Sales Accelerator Roadmap

  • Dr Grace 

So What is the “Sales Accelerator Roadmap”? The Sales Accelerator Roadmap is a Simple Questionnaire created to help any business owner understand what is working well in their business and what is not working quite so well, and why.  We offer you this Exercise FREE of charge. The Sales Accelerator Roadmap is designed by us to help you Pinpoint Your Opportunity Areas and Show you exactly what to improve to… Read More »The Sales Accelerator Roadmap


FREE Business Breakthrough Session

  • Dr Grace 

LET’S HELP YOU GROW YOUR BUSINESS!  How have you been?  And How Has Your Business Been? Things have been very hard for most business owners because of the Coronavirus.  However, nothing remains gloomy forever.. There is light at the end of the dark tunnel. Hopefully, the new vaccines will work some miracle for us all. BUSINESS RESOURCES AND TRAINING I have a lot of resources to help any business owner succeed,… Read More »FREE Business Breakthrough Session


Qualify Your Prospects

  • Dr Grace 

                   Another Marketing MISTAKE           – Not Qualifying Leads Better Up-Front. Last time, I talked about the mistake of targeting the wrong market. Toady, I want to look at the issue of wasting your time on the wrong prospects by not qualifying leads better up-front. Our time is precious – very precious. The more time you spend talking or… Read More »Qualify Your Prospects


Why Small Businesses Fail

  • Dr Grace 

WHY SMALL BUSINESSES FAIL AND HOW TO AVOID FAILURE ONE-PERSON BUSINESS. One of the reasons small businesses fail is the fact that you are working alone. You are the CEO, the Mail Man, the Website Designer,  the Receptionist, The Salesman, the Time Manager, the Financier and so on. It is impossible for one person alone to be sufficiently skilled in all areas of making a business successful, as outlined above. … Read More »Why Small Businesses Fail

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Marketing Strategies For Increased Revenue

  • Dr Grace 

             HOW TO OPTIMISE YOUR SALES                   & MARKETING STRATEGIES. In one of my earlier Posts, I discussed some of the Marketing Mistakes that a lot of businesses make.  In today’s article, I will highlight some of the ways you can apply to optimize your sales and marketing strategies. You can get more details of these marketing strategies in… Read More »Marketing Strategies For Increased Revenue


How to Retain Your Clients.

  • Dr Grace 

HOW TO RETAIN YOUR CUSTOMERS   SO, YOU HAVE ALL THESE CUSTOMERS!! Wow, that’s great! Well done! But how do you retain them? What do you do to keep them coming back to you? Some Customer Retension Strategies. ==>> Regular Contact. One way to keep your customers coming back to you is by showing them that you care about them. This means, you don’t just only Sell and Sell again… Read More »How to Retain Your Clients.

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How the “Sell More Stuff Challenge” Works.

  • Dr Grace 

 ARE YOU LOOKING FOR WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR SALES?  IF YES, TAKE OUR FREE “SELL MORE STUFF CHALLENGE”!! FREE 5-DAY VIDEO TRAINING ON HOW TO INCREASE  YOUR SALES AT NO EXTRA COST.                         CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. Calling Business Owners….  …Imagine being able to massively increase your sales in just 5 short days and WITHOUT spending a penny more than you… Read More »How the “Sell More Stuff Challenge” Works.