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           Dr Grace Anderson: 

                   BA (Hons) English, M.Ed. PGDE, Ph.D.

Master Life Coach, Business Growth Mentor, Writer and Entrepreneur.

I am very passionate about helping my clients succeed. My Mission is to do my very best to help my clients improve their lives either through their personal development or /and their business. 

I started out as a teacher of English, rose to Head of Department of various English Departments both in Nigeria and London, UK. I was an outstanding Headteacher who built a Girls’ Secondary School from scratch, with the kind financial contribution and assistance of our Parents/Teachers’ Association. 

Within 5 Years, my school, Emotan College Benin City, Nigeria was awarded the status of a Model School by the Federal Government and I was commended as an Outstanding Headteacher. 

 When I eventually retired from teacher after over 40 years, I retrained as a Mortgage Broker in 2002. I set up my Mortgage and Estates Company. I had great success after the initial teething period. By 2005, I was earning a steady 6-figure income per annum.  But 2008 arrived and the financial crash made it impossible to carry on as a Mortgage Broker.

I went back to teaching. While teaching part-time, I retrained as a Life Coach and NLP Practitioner. Within a few years I became a Master Transformation Life Coach, helping people with their Mindsets and Relationship Issues. 

I also trained to become a Business Growth Mentor, so I can help my Clients, not only improve their general personal happiness with my Coaching skills, but also utilize the special strategies that we created which are designed to help business owners develop and grow their businesses to whatever level they want… This has been very successful and very rewarding for both myself and my clients.

I would love to help you achieve success in your personal life and or in your business. My greatest pleasure and passion is in helping others achieve success. This is what I have always done, as a teacher, as a headteacher, as a Life Coach and as a Business Growth Mentor.

If you need my help in either your Personal Development , Mindset or in growing your business, please book a Discovery Call with me and we will look at how I may be able to help you.

One of my hobbies is reading and creative writing. I am a proud author of three novels and many short stories, and poems.

 I am also a mother of six loving children, all grown-up now.

Contact me: support@amazingsuccesswithdrgrace.com.


Here are a few of my Certifications.

Cert Master LifeCoach
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