Career Coaching

  • Dr Grace 

Our Career Coaching Service


Our career coaching services are based on our tried and tested signature coaching model “Elevate” and are designed to deliver you real results for your career.

The Elevate model stands for:

  • Evaluate your story – deep dive into where you are now, getting crystal clear on what’s going on around you and your definition of success

  • Limiting beliefs and empowering values – personal beliefs and values about your potential considering derailers and limiting beliefs and how these might be holding you back from reaching your goals

  • Enhance – understanding and articulating your strengths in an authentic way. Using a tool to analyse your key strengths and identifying situations at work where you are working with your strengths and situations where you have challenge

  • Vision – creating a compelling vision for your future based on your values, strengths and definitions of success

  • Action – specific goal-setting model to move you to a place of action and accountability 

  • Time – assessment of your available time, coming up with strategies to get more done, whilst building resilience and being mindful of stress triggers

  • Evaluate – in-depth review of your learnings and progress over the programme to create a compelling vision for your future.

There are a number of options and price points available for you to access career coaching that suits your schedule and investment available.





Career Coaching Programme

Our signature six session career coaching programme is designed to deliver real results whether that is helping you identify and take that next step in your professional life or support you through a career transition. 

What you’ll get:

  • Minimum of six x 90 minutes 1:1 coaching sessions, every 2-4 weeks either in-person if you are London based or via a Zoom video call

  • Pre-work given to help you evaluate your coaching needs and goals and to understand your journey to date

  • Over the coaching programme we will follow our signature Elevate coaching model (described above) and you will receive lots of coaching tools and techniques to support your journey. We might use a selection of NLP coaching techniques to help you move forward positively and rewrite unhelpful behaviours and unhealthy narrative

  • Included within the cost of the programme is one personal development text 

  • After each session you will get a follow-up email containing a brief summary, the key actions and topics for the following session to help keep you on track.

Packages start at £2,500 including VAT.

There are payment programmes available on request. Prices are dependent on the number of sessions and the complexity of issues and outcomes sought.

There are optional upgrades to the six session programme to incorporate separate sessions using IEMT techniques or EQ-i psychometric assessment.

IEMT is a proven technique to reduce anxious thoughts and negative thought patterns. A one-off IEMT session is £150 including VAT when combined with a career coaching programme.

EQ-i is a psychometric assessment which is used to assess your emotional intelligence and provides an in-depth understanding of the components of emotional intelligence and how you can further develop this skill to work better with colleagues, understand your own behaviours and preferences and to find greater satisfaction and fulfilment at work. A full psychometric profile, report and coaching session is £300 including VAT when combined with a career coaching programme.


VIP Career Coaching Day

This is our signature programme but delivered in one jam-packed coaching intervention designed around you and your career goals. It is based on our Elevate coaching model and is perfect if you want to get real results quickly – ideal if you are short on time.

What you’ll get:

  • 1 hour upfront coaching Zoom call to dig into your objectives for the day and your measures of success. During this call we will agree priorities for the day and create a plan to maximise our time together to deliver you the results you need

  • Pre-work which will include a series of coaching tools and models to work through in advance of the day to ensure that we can focus on your priorities and goals

  • From 10am to 4pm either via Zoom, with sufficient breaks to aide concentration, or face to face in London.

  • Energetic and focused day – an investment in you and your career – lots of talking, interactive exercises and opportunities for you to reflect and plan

  • We will be following our Elevate coaching model (described above) but using the time wisely to really hone in on what you need from the day using practical tips and tool for you to use dealing with confidence issues, personal impact, increased presence and how to create a compelling future

  • One month later, we will have a 1 hour coaching call one month to ensure you stay on track, accountable and support you to assess progress and/or pivot to new goals

Prices for the Elevate Her VIP Day start at £1,000 including VAT.​

1-2-1 Coaching Session

One-off 1-2-1 session designed to address a specific challenge, whether that’s prepare for that interview, big presentation or address a specific issue or challenge that’s holding you back. These sessions often lead to big breakthroughs and shifts that allow you to make decisions quicker, faster and with more confidence.

What you’ll get:

  • 2 hour session – virtual or in-person

  • Pre-work questionnaire to highlight what you want to achieve and what a successful outcome would look like for you

  • Focused coaching session to help you create a clear plan of action and goals

  • We might use NLP coaching techniques or IEMT techniques depending on the topic and your needs

One-off 1-2-1 Coaching Sessions start at £500 including VAT.