The Sales Accelerator Roadmap

  • Dr Grace 

So What is the "Sales Accelerator Roadmap"?

The Sales Accelerator Roadmap is a Simple Questionnaire created to help any business owner understand what is working well in their business and what is not working quite so well, and why.
 We offer you this Exercise FREE of charge.

The Sales Accelerator Roadmap is designed by us to help you Pinpoint Your Opportunity Areas and Show you exactly what to improve to help you grow your business. It takes less than 45 minutes to complete the questionnaire and you will be amazed how much you will learn about your own business – what is going well and what is not going quite so well..

S.W.O T.

It is our S.W.O.T. exercise for you where you will discover: Your Strengths, Your Weaknesses, Your Opportunities for Improvement and Growth and Your Threats or Competition etc and how to overcome them.

The ROADMAP Uses “The Formula”, Our Proven Business-Building System, To Fix Your Marketing, Pinpoint All the Gaps and Provide a Step-by-Step Solution that will enable your business to grow quickly.

Here are the Five Main Areas that are covered.

1. Sales and Marketing Proficiency .

How well designed are your sales and marketing systems?
–  For example, who is your target market? 
– How well do you understand your target market? 
– If you are advertising, how do you know what is working well and what is not?
–  What is your pricing like? Are you competitive enough,
–  How well do you know your competition? 
And so on.

 2. Lead Generation.

– How do you reach your target market?
– Where do you advrertise? Google Ads? Linkedin? Social Media?
– What is your advertising budget?
– What is your ROI – Return on Investment?

3. Sales Conversion.

– What percentage of your leads convert to sales?
-How do you engage with your leads to convert them to paying customers? 

4. Maximizing Customer Value.

– What do you do to maximize the value of your customers?
– How can you scale your business to help you earn more?
– What incentives do you offer your clients to eansure that you are able to retain them 

5. Systematize and Automate.

– How do you systemtize your business sales and marketing?
– How do you automate your Sales and Marketing?

How we help you Improve Your Sales and Marketing System.

The good thing is that for each answer you give, we have a detailed advice on how to do things better, if you scored below 70% for your response. We give you workable ideas that you can take away and implement in order to improve your sales. 


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 Wishing You Success.